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Our Policy

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Inter-conn is a professional manufacturer in CNC metal parts, the core at current production lines are producing coaxial connects and coaxial cable assembly to supply worldwide customers.

We are committed to deliver products and services that match our customer expectations on quality.Our enterprise shall be moulded in such a way that our customers value us as a long-term and strategic partner acting with accordingly high integrity.

Inter-conn aims to continually improve our products and services by maintaining and improving customer-centric, cost-effective, timely and qualitative processes. Inter-conn is committed to comply with ISO 9001:2008 requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Our Quality Policy is

QUALITY – Tasks are performed properly in the first time, do the right in the every time, deliver high-quality products to the clients.
EFFECTIVE – Provide on-time & exactly right response according to clients need.
SERVICE – Provide proactive professional, detailed orientate services to meet clients requirement.




Environmental policy

Regulations compliance
All employees participation
Pollution prevention 
Implement environmental protection’

Inter-conn ‘s objective is to be an environmentally、friendly company. We strive to protect the environment in all our products and activities, ranging from the design and development to the production and sales. Not only be fully dedicated to deploying green production and thoroughly decrease environmental impacts, but also continually improve our management system and prevent any environmental pollution caused by our business activities or products.

Inter-conn has established specific objectives and targets for our organizational activities to protect the environment, and periodically review them. All our employees are involved in these efforts, which are based on our action plan.

In order to ensure this is achieved, Inter-conn committed to meet the following requirements:
1. Compliance with environmental regulations, supporting environmental protection activities.
2. Promote education and training in environmental protection and enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection.
3. Continuously promote the reduction of the environmental pollution and industrial waste.
4. Effective the use of resources , implement to control the resources recycling.